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What we do

Education - ATA provides educational programs and materials for transplant patients, caregivers, the general public and transplant professionals:

Publications and programs:

- A Patient's Guide to Transplantation
- Monthly newsletter, reORGANized!
- Patient Education Days

Information and materials on:

- Developments in transplantation
- Transplant medications
- Organ and tissue donation
- Financing transplantation
- Transplant-related social issues
- Governmental initiatives in transplantation
- Personal transplant experiences
- The patient's perspective on the transplant experience

Services - Providing services to transplant patients and their families:

Information clearinghouse, including data on

- Nationwide transplant programs
- Waiting times by location
- Success rates by transplant  program
- Transplant-related funding resources
- Legal resources
- Insurance alternatives
- Rehabilitation options
- Employment issues

Advocacy on legislative initiatives from the patient's perspective
Research initiatives in areas directly related to improving the welfare and quality of life of transplant patients and their families

Support - Providing support to transplant patients and their families:

Regular local support group meetings
Formal and informal mentoring programs
Peer-to-peer contacts
Sharing experiences

What We Don't Do!

ATA never offers medical advice. Persons with medical questions are always referred to the medical professionals in their own transplant programs.