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The American Transplant Association was founded in 1995 by transplant patients and family members to provide support to the Chicago area transplant community. Over time, the group began to learn that there were many areas important to transplant patients that were not being addressed, either locally or nationally.

Building on their experiences in Chicago, in 1998, ATA was established as a national, non-profit organization to share its knowledge and experience with transplant patients nationwide. ATA currently has nearly 1,000 members, with chapters in the Chicago and Denver areas, and members in 27 states. ATA's mission focuses on bringing a patient's perspective to the education, services and support that transplant patients and their families need.

ATA's members have all types of transplants:









And we recognize that family members are a critical factor in transplant success:









Here are some of our members. Notice how they're all smiling!
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