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Why ATA?

ATA believes that an informed and educated patient is a better patient and that patients can and must take an active, responsible role in their own care.

ATA understands the important role of medical professionals in educating the transplant patient. Medical professionals are obviously the first and foremost source for individual transplant patient education, but without the critical element of the patient's perspective, many of them can't fully appreciate the lifelong, lifestyle impacts of transplantation.

ATA also recognizes the information services provided by the national organ-specific professional organizations. But these organizations take an organ-oriented approach and don't dedicate their resources and energy to transplantation.

ATA also knows the importance of and contribution made by support groups. But while support groups most often provide vital moral and social support, they usually lack the resources needed to provide services and up-to-date education.

Recognizing these many needs that are going unfulfilled, ATA seeks to couple a professional approach with the experience and understanding of those who "have been there" in their service to the transplant community. ATA is an important complement to the medical professionals, support groups and other organizations to ensure that the transplant patient receives the best education, services and support available. ATA's mission has a single focus - the well being of the transplant patient.